...the Girl behind the Brush...

14 years ago I arrived in Johannesburg with a dream, my backpack and two boxes of books, not knowing a soul and against all odds.

Now... I have had 13 great years in the industry as a make up artist, married to a handsome man that chose me, can you believe:-) while raising our very own, pocket battleship who I carry like a trophy on my shoulder.

December 2016, Strand

Oh how my make up story started 13 years ago, armed with an old grey Honda Ballade, a map book, a rented room and a year of studies ahead, my innocence drove me to feel invincible. Suddenly 3 traffic lanes became an issue and Hillbrow my beloved detour route as I kept on missing Empire on my way to college in the mornings. While only affording doos wine and bread crumbs, but who cares right. I’m living my dream, happiness is my norm and expressing through colour is still for free.

Dec 2016, My handsome hubby, Gavin, Me &

my beautiful pocket soldier, Cullen

Strand, Western Cape

Might I add that personal style and fashion was not added as a badge to my

achievement collection at that stage... This was 2008 after all. 5 Years spent traveling the world and studying third world countries, cultures and religion while living among the people, as well as backpacking through Europe, takes a serious styling toll!

Since completing my studies at Face to Face I opted for a more difficult route as a freelancer and the life style attached to it having considered all the pro’s and cons, I realized I needed more informal training. My belief is that of "only one that has truly experienced something in its most broken down form, have a opinion or wisdom worth sharing" and in so doing found myself one of Johannesburg’s favorite and most talented free-lance makeup artist, Annemarie Bronkhorst. Together with her soft nature, direct feedback, time and great talent not just as a make-up artist but wardrobe and hair stylist, I added my own personal touch and hit the road to carve a name for myself one year later. And so came about 'the Professional Makeup Artist, Samantha Carter'

Miss SA 2009

Miss SA 2009, Sun City

The journey has been incredible, the people fascinating and the travel fantastic. I have been blessed with so many opportunities that quickly filled my bucket list and then some more, all of them achieved with a bit of Irish luck and no agent. The challenges have been just as extra ordinary and the dry months super long, however I would not have my character, patience and determination had there been no balance! Now I can say I have rubbed shoulders with CEO’s of huge corporate companies, changed looks on SA’s best models, tried to be nice to our wanna be soap stars and fell in love more often than not with international talent. Not to mention kissing the feet of Madiba, while attempting to powder he's nose and bumming a smoke from John Rzeznik the lead singer of Goo Goo dolls, after completing my task for the day on the beautiful Corinne Bailey Rae at SA's very first 63336 concert.

1st Billboard, proadly placed in Sandton

1st Billboard, creating traffic while hanging out my car window

1st Int gig, Sky Sport Germany, Football World Cup'10

Breaking down of scripts, creating character looks while trying to add 1 + 1 and find the answer for the limited budget I always seem to struggle with, I would paint the face or create the look at hand while a Director is screaming for more or the floor manager yelling 'how much time?' These are my average days. Today I’m trying to balance on these damn heels for the cooperate gig only to apply ludicrous amounts of sunblock to my skin tomorrow grafting on location. Managing the hair styling and make up team as HOD (Head of Department) is my favorite while trying to articulate sense into the ‘behind the camera’ guy’s mic, was the best days. This is my crazy world!

Head of Department on 'My man Kan', Kyknet series

Since we all have more than one skill I decided to trade my old red sneakers for a pair of super uncomfortable heals and a laptop bag, bridging a gap in the market by starting up my own company BodyPrint FX, importing pre made special effects and temporary tattoos.

As the Industry changes and cameras become High definition with a forever running out of time clock I saw a need to have pre made special effects on hand versus creating out of scratch. Extending myself into the business world and selling retail was an unexpected turn, but one I think I kinda excelled at. Promise, I never saw that one coming. Sporting 13 Costume shops all around SA as well as supplying one of Cape Towns biggest Prosthetic warehouses became my own personal achievement award.

1st Delivery @Hollywood Costumes: Krugersdorp

3D Special Effects & Temporary tattoos perfectly on display @Cinderella Costumes: Linden bought to you by: BPFX

I have evolved, I have mastered some , I have failed in others, but I have also picked myself up and tried again. In some ways its still 2009...In others...today is another day I get to try to be better again...

So this is me, Sam, the girl, mom, wife and make up artist...'the girl behind the brush!' Join me to continue filling my pages through my daily professional make up experiences, learning curves, product knowledge and exploring new avenues as a contentiously growing artist...

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