SFX: "Bald Cap" building playtime

Bald caps, the oldest funnest way of total transformation...originally created for Theater, evolved into Feature,TV and now to be used for some Halloween or Costume party fun.

There is no end to out vanity:-) but this one sure aint going to be a pretty look ladies!

Here’s some supplies you’re gunna need:

  • Liquid Latex:This is what your bald cap is going to be made of. I’m using Liquid Latex by Kryolin

  • A Red Head: This is what you’ll be using to create the head shape of your bald cap. "BoB" has been my faithful head servant since College days:-)

  • Sponge: I like to use the simple house brand sponge and cut it into smaller pieces.TIP: I like to wet the sponge with water before dipping it into the liquid latex. This allows the product to not get soaked into the sponge, and doesn’t dry as fast as it would with a dry sponge, allowing you to avoid clumping.

  • A Hair Dryer: To speed up the building process by drying the layers in between the liquid latex application..

  • Talcum Powder & a Fluffy Brush: To help remove the bald cap from your red head and prevent the bald cap from fusing to itself. I used the simple baby powder from Johnson's:-)

Now that you have all the supplies, let's make this bad boy!

1) Trace the shape of your head onto the red head with a Sharpie as a guideline to where to put the latex.You can always cut the finished bald cap into shape.

2) Coat one side of the smaller pieces of sponge with liquid latex and then carefully start to dab the latex onto the head. Take the latex all the way to the edge of your outermost line. the latex can be brushed on if preferred, but I find that the stippling effect of the sponges leaves the final surface of the bald cap with a very realistic 'skin' texture. Keep reloading the sponge as required. Your are looking for a thin even coat. If the latex begins to dry out you will see it lifting the latex you have already laid down, keep the latex on the sponge wet to avoid this happening un till the entire head is covered.

3) Use your hair dryer to speed up the drying process between layers. You want every layer to be completely dry before applying the next layer of latex to avoid clumping.

4) With your fluffy brush, apply a layer of baby powder all over the dried Liquid Latex until all the shiny areas have been covered, making sure to dust off all the excess powder.

5) Now, repeat step 1-4 all over again...Somewhere between 5-8 layers is good enough. To make the bald cap blend easily to your forehead, apply each layer of Latex a little back from the edge of the first layer so that the rim of the cap stays thin. Using your Sharpie black drawn lines as a guideline. Don’t forget to let each layer dry before applying powder, starting the process all over again.You’ll know the Latex is dry when the color is a little yellow.

Layer 3...without powder

Final layer 7...without powder

6) Latex sticks to almost nothing, except itself. It's very good at sticking to itself. So before you remove the cap, give the entire thing a really good brushing with baby powder. I use a large blusher brush for this.

Then find the outermost edge of your outermost line somewhere at the back of the cap. Using your fingertip, GENTLY roll the edge until it just starts to lift. Get the blusher brush covered in powder and force some under the edge. Lift it a little and brush it again.

Once you can get a decent grip on this lower edge, start to peel the cap away from the head forcing powder under the latex layers as you go. If raw latex touches raw latex it will instantly stick to itself, unless it has some powder on it. You can go overboard on the powder, it won't matter if there's powder everywhere as long as the cap doesn't stick to itself.

Eventually you will have the whole cap off, and you will be amazed at how tough the thin latex rubber really is.


So that’s it! You’re done! Pretty simple to make, but of course, you can always buy your own:-)

That's it for today folks...Join me the next time for the actual Application of our very own home made bald cap!!!

Over and Out...

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