SFX:"Bald Cap" Application Playtime

In Today's tutorial playtime we will be Applying this precious, time consuming Bald Cap we created in my last post. Whoop, Whoop for Special Events and Character altering moments with the help of Make up!

Let's not waste any more writing space and dive right into the step by step process...

I'm totally using the images of a joppie I completed on the 14th of February through The Gonzoe Film&Production group this year.

We were creating a TV add campaign, shooting the footage on green screen in full HD (high Definition) mode.

No pressure boys and girls:-)

My brief was: a flawless, clean, porcelain look with a wee bit of chiselling for a more robotic effect in post edit.

Meet Jacky, our super cool, amazingly patient and not once complaining model for this shoot day.

Before I can even begin to apply the bald cap we have to complete the preparation process first.

Clean skin, neck, ears and chest, not to mention the blocking out of eyebrows...removing accessories and concealing the tattoo's. Wow this is going to be a long day...:-)

Blocking out of Eyebrows....

Special-effects makeup can completely erase your brows without actually getting rid of them, can I get a Hoorah for that, just imagine if not...for me the best result lies in the use of Spirit gum, Or better known as Mastix from Kryolin! Hint: Don't forget to buy the Mastix Remover as well:-)

Comb brows in a downward direction using a brush or clean mascara wand. Apply a layer of Mastix using the aid of a spatula or old tooth brush. Before the Mastix is set, comb brows back up into the proper position and smooth over with your spatula using a wee bit of pressure.

Once the Mastix is dry, dust with a translucent powder to remove all left over stickiness.

To complete the look with a perfect seal, I add a small amount of Graftobian Modelling Wax. Simply work it into the brow with a spatula until smooth and finish off with another powder puff dust.

With a sturdy brush, dab your color corrective concealer over the brows and blend out.

I used Kryolin's orange from their color wheel collection.

Short hair works best when wearing a bald cap. Comb the hair as flat as possible away from the forehead. If water isn't enough, use a little styling gel. For very long hair, pull back and pin it into a french twist, being careful to make sure all the pins are well hidden as any sharp object can damage the bald cap.

And finally we are ready for the Bald Cap Application. This process alone takes up to an hour before completion, So make sure to allocate enough time for the task at hand.


Fit the cap over your head. Using a pen or marker, trace a line around your hairline and ears. Leave about an extra inch of space. Take off the cap, and use the scissors to cut away the excess. Remember, it's always better to leave too much space than too little - you can always go back and trim it down later.


Carefully roll the front edge of the cap upward. Apply Spirit Gum to the skin where the edge of the bald cap will attach. When the gum is tacky, carefully roll the cap edge back down into position and gently press down. Allow the adhesive to dry. I made use of a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

When gluing the back and sides of the neck, tilt the head slightly upward. This will help to minimize wrinkles in your cap. Don't stretch the cap too much while gluing, or it may loosen.

And viola...our bald cap is secure!!!

Because HD has become our best friend and were creating magic we now have to start the blending process making sure the edges of the cap is giving the illusion of totally being part of the skin

To do that we need to go back to the Liquid Latex we used to create the bald cap, Applying it with a stipple sponge.

STEP.3 Stipple the liquid latex over the seam line of the cap, to about one inch on either side of the seam. If you need a thinner coat of latex, you can dilute it with a bit of water. Allow the latex to dry, and don't forget to apply a layer of powder in between the liquid latex layers. I used 3 layers in total and 4 layers around the ears.


Using the appropriate character colors apply the Kryolin Concealer wheel with a white Wedge using a stippling motion over the entire bald cap and nearby skin.

For this shoot specifically I made sure my concealer base had a very pink under tone as Jacky's natural skin tone is slightly pink. However once I've completed the Over all foundation I made sure to whip out my Amazing Kett Airbrush for the "grand finale"!

Airbrushing 2 shades lighter, 2 layers over while applying the contouring and highlighting rules I competed this very long 3 hour race with flying colors! arghem, excuse the pun:-)

For fantasy effects, water colours can be used. For realistic effects, grease or cream is usually stippled on with a sponge. When using greasepaint, powder must be applied to set it.

That's it for today guys, I hope its been insightful and educational. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions and Share Your Thoughts If you’ve enjoyed this brief article about fitting your bald cap, please share it via Twitter, on your Facebook wall, or by sending an email to your friends using the buttons below. .

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