just a Wee Dash of Color

My night ended on a super positive note filled with high expectation, productivity lists of note not to mention the wonderful ideals of exercise for the next day, completing the quick photo shoot gig, being a mommy and cooking for the lads at home. Just another 24 hours ahead while looking absolutely fantastic right, Sorted, piece of cake let's do this, whoop whoop...g nite y'all!

And then I woke up, after taking care of my sick battleship through-out the entire night, my face looked like the overcast weather and my own positive attitude ship just tanked.

Were oh were did my happy dance go and how to overcome this gloom's day?!

These days are common and often, sometimes more so for the first time mommies like "Moi" or I think just Mommies in general, however ladies, do not despair.

All it takes is a wee dash of color...and some beauty tips:-) You with me? Let's do this...

1) Make sure to Moisturize what sure is to be dehydrated skin-use a tiny bit more than your usual application and drink that extra glass of H2O for some Irish luck.

2) NO compact Powder products on a tired face, rather opp for a cream base to give your skin a fresher look, while dusting a loose powder over the T-panel with a big brush to ensure you still set the foundation for a long days wear ahead.

3) Use that Concealer that's lying at the bottom of your make up bag- making sure to use your finger tips in a gentle pat motion, the trick here is to make sure that you cover the entire eye area, not just the dark circles. Using your loose powder on top of your lid to set the concealer and avoid creasing in the eye sockets. Always making sure that your concealer is two shades lighter than your actual foundation color with a pink undertone.

4) a Wee dash of color will be your magic on the Cheeks-opting for a cream form even an old warm pink or peach lipstick will be perfect for this task. Bust out your biggest smile, using clean fingers, dab some on the apple of the cheek making extra sure to blend out nicely.

5) the feared Puffy Eyes-when tired the most visible give away is those damn puffy eyes, rather avoid your heavy normal application routine and play with your fresh tones for eye shadow on the upper lid keeping the bottom clean.

6) Moisturize those lips- the Matte lipsticks tend to dry the lips so rather choose a sheer lipstick/gloss that moisturizes and makes the lips look fuller.

These are the days we are truly grateful for the extra bit of assistance that is out there to tap in...now to complete the happy dance and get on with the day at least looking the part...:-)

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